Maintain Your Competitive Edge

The rules have changed. The agencies you service have made security a top priority. It drives their every move...impacts their every decision. But securing comes at a price: the enormous amount of time and effort required to ensure data is coming from reliable sources. RAE’s clients know this and know how to maintain the competitive edge. They give their government agencies what they want: an environment empowered by the highest possible level of data quality assessment. With RAE’s pedigree assessment software, agencies can quickly identify reliable and quality sources and respond with speed and flexibility to new and revised information; giving them a faster, more efficient environment.

Propelled by recent initiatives on behalf of Office of Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff to promote freedom of maneuverability across a trusted information environment, government organizations are striving to respond to the call to promote information sharing and strengthen agility to adapt to unforeseen events. The critical component: information pedigrees that uncover errors, ensure accountability and, most importantly, establish trust in information.

In today’s net-centric environment, data is collected faster and from a wider variety of sources than ever before. It is not only critical to capture data pedigree but have the ability to maintain that pedigree as information changes. At RAE, our sole focus is to provide firms who rely on shared information with a pedigree assessment framework that will work to establish the highest possible level of quality and trust in essential data.



Introducing the First All Purpose Pedigree Assessment Program

Information pedigrees are widely used to ensure accuracy of data. However, using several single purpose, pedigree management programs across an enterprise, as is often the case, prevents its users from achieving the maximum level of data quality assessment. RAE’s Pedigree Management and Assessment Framework (PMAF) is the first general purpose pedigree assessment program that can be used in a net-centric environment.  

RAE Software features:

  • Web-based, scalable technology
  • Stores metadata information that describes content, quality, condition, origin, and other characteristics of data.
  • Presents data to users in an easy to use, intuitive graphical interface.

If you need to maintain your competitive edge with agencies who seek to make better, faster decision and improving efficiencies in today’s global secure environment, read more about RAE software or contact us to schedule a demonstration.


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